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Development of post-conflict areas

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The idea of a sustainable development is ambitious for many developed countries, and when we talk of a post-war region, it rather goes about any development at all. Reinstalling the basic infrastructure, reviving social institutions, or making people’s life possible in the area. The military conflict turns local population into immigrants and refugees who one day have to search for a better place to live. But many of them still hope to come back to their homes and live as they used to before the war. For this reason, the restoration of post-conflict areas is important. People seek the chance to get back and develop their land into a dream place.
Prolonged wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somali, and Sudan have shown what a post-war area looks like. Transportation, infrastructure, housing, basic social services fully destroyed in some areas. Many people displaced or evacuated though some civilians remained in their half-destroyed houses. Despite the total destruction, the main threat to post-conflict areas is a relapse. Imagine people who are about to renew their infrastructure facing the aggressors strikes again. Even in the conditions of a relative peace, governments cannot give guarantees of safety.
When it comes to facilitating the development of post-conflict areas, governments shall start with restoring their basic infrastructure and transportation system. To get back to their homes, people need the contact with the outer world to integrate into it. To address the needs of the population, schools, hospitals, and governmental institutions shall function in full. The revival would not happen overnight, but organizations and volunteers working in the region would see more people returning to their place with every month.

Progressive taxation

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In the tax system, we distinguish regressive, progressive, and flat taxes. All of them add an extra charge to different products and services affecting different social layers. Regressive taxes put a higher burden on low-income individuals while progressive taxes charge the wealthy population in the first place. Imagine the excise duty on cigarettes or alcohol as well as the real estate property tax. They make certain goods less accessible to the low-income population while wealthy people could still afford all these things. On the other hand, the federal income tax puts extra liability on wealthy individuals. The estate taxes and other taxes on income and business profits charge individuals who exceeded certain wealth rate.
In the US, the progressive tax historically established as the fair way to charge people proportionately to their income. It looks fair that wealthy individuals capable of paying more to the government shall contribute more than those below the poverty level. But the system is rather complicated in action. The tax on the “excessive wealth” discourages people from earning more or induces them to push their wealth out of the reach of the federal agencies. Certainly, taxes would not stop people from striving for more in their business but it will push them in the shadow economy sooner or later.
The flat tax seems to be fair from every perspective. If the poor and the reach are charged equally, then none of them is discouraged from earning more. But even flat tax often puts an excessive burden to those living on the minimum salary.

Wall Street regulation

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The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform passed by the Obama administration in 2010 became a critical step in addressing the world crisis. It totally rejected the pre-existing deregulation of the financial sector that let banks accomplish risky deals. The act restricted the capitalization of banks, reinforced mortgage requirements, and curbed the excessive risk-taking of the banks. Though the legislation automatically restrained the growth of the financial sector, it intended to cope with the consequences of the crisis of 2008.
The Dodd-Frank act is strongly criticized in Washington. The ability of financial institutions to make money decreases due to the numerous positions of the document. The competitiveness of the American companies in the international market falls because of the governmental regulation. The lack of liquidity may damage the bond market which lacks a constant supply of buyers and sellers. Critics believe that over the time the act would drag high unemployment together with low wages and living standards. Besides, the act involves a dozen of newly-created federal agencies to oversee its 225 provisions enforced.
Looking at the excessive regulation of the financial sector, policymakers attempt to repel it the Dodd-Frank act. But currently, the legislation can only be amended. The act impacted international banking agreements so that it is impossible to reverse it so far. Anyway, American banks will not face any dramatic changes in the near time even if some positions of the act are changed soon.

Deficit issues

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Running a budget deficit is common for many governments. Spending more than they earn annually, governments function with the help of international loans. Companies and individuals may also find themselves in a deficit which means they will go bankrupt unless they find a quick way to generate more income and pay back the creditors. The country’s budget deficit over the time creates the national debt. The largest international debtors are Greece, Portugal, Italy, Bhutan, Japan, Singapore, and the US.
Companies and governments use bonds to repay their creditors. Government bonds look attractive to creditors, which allows countries to run the budget deficit for years. Trying to cope with the deficit, governments that can print their currency may increase the money supply. This trend is dangerous because it lowers the value of that currency. Instead, there are safer ways to cope with the national debt such as cutting spending, raising taxes, and pushing forward the economic growth.
For governments, it is easy to create a budget deficit and extremely difficult to get rid of them. Countries like the US can easily exist in debt because they can print out dollars. Besides, paying off the debt makes no sense. If the interests on the debt are paid each year, the country just gives its income away. Certainly, governments are interested in boosting economic growth and borrowing more money, not giving it back. That is why governments do not benefit from repaying the debt right away. But as the interests of creditors rise, the US and other countries with the large debt will approach the default in leaps and bounds.

Speculative and productive investments

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Investment and speculation have something in common. Both of them can generate income though in different ways. Before making an investment, people typically do a thorough market research to find out whether it would be profitable to put their money into the business. There are various ways to invest – start one’s own businesses, buy property or shares in a promising company. Most of them require a direct participation of the investor. They are supposed to run a business or renovate the housing they lease out. The case with speculators is very different.
People who speculate on prices are not fully-fledged market participants. The moment they find certain market conditions lucrative to play on, they participate immediately. Otherwise, they just stay aside and monitor where to put their money and get the largest revenue right away. Speculators usually act like intermediaries reselling goods or services. They gamble and win if prices on the goods they have purchased suddenly skyrocket. Importantly, speculators do not provide any services to charge customers. They practically make money out of thin air inflating prices on popular products.
In terms of getting an immediate revenue, gambling can be effective. Speculators who can perfectly forecast recent market trends, usually earn a generous sum momentarily. But when we think of a stable long-term income, productive investment is the only way to generate it. Earning a surplus may take some time but businesses or property can sufficiently expand over the years. Investment certainly contains a risk, but investors still can choose an option with the lowest risk. Productivity is a core condition of safety. Without producing things we can only gamble, which poses a great risk to the property we own.

AIDS essay sample

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Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is the problem the whole world has been trying to tackle for some many years. Even though we have had many victories, there is still a lot to be done as people are dying from this disease. They key point is to be able to cure it at any stage or even to prevent it in the first place.

Apart from all medical fight, there is also a psychological one. What it presupposes is that a person should never back down. Undoubtedly, staying positive in such situation is hard. Yet, being depressed is even worse as it helps the disease to get you quicker. Being diagnosed does not mean that nothing can be done about it. One can fight back and one can win this battle.

In addition, there are lots of organizations these days that help people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. What you are only supposed to do is to google it. You will also come across lots of campaigns that support the cure of AIDS. Another aspect that is important in this respect is to spread the knowledge and to educate the people. Probably, it is one of the best ways to prevent the spreading of this disease. Do not hesitate to find out more here …

Applying SWOT analysis for effective planning for dog grooming

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If the subject you are supposed to dwell upon in your paper is applying SWOT analysis for effective planning for dog grooming, the first thing you need to do is to clarify the issue of SWOT analysis.

As you have already understood, what you need to do is to conduct a thorough research. As a result of it, you will find out that a SWOT analysis is a structured method with the help of which one can evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of one’s business venture or a project. Depending on the area you are going to use it in, this analysis helps you achieve all those goals you have set. The technique was originated by Albert Humphrey in the 1960s. The aspect of internal and external factors is of major importance regarding this issue. Basically, internal factors are the strengths and weaknesses internal to the organization while the opportunities and threats comprise the external factors. Clearly, opportunities and threats are related to the external environment of the organization.

Thus, the main point of this technique is to eliminate the weaknesses and to highlight the strengths so that to avoid threats, as well as use the available opportunities effectively. In such a way, your venture will be successful.

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College common app

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Jenifer thought colleges were the best places to meet all sorts of friends. Her interest to join college was not to benefit academically but to meet all the handsome people and girls who loved to enjoy life. In high school, she could see girls go to clubs with their boyfriends and other girlfriends. The college girls seemed to be living their lives to the fullest. Every friendly the college girls were picked from their hostels, driven to town to party by smart sport cars. Jenifer envied this life and shed had to live it in college. She wanted her parents to take her to college soon after getting her high school results. In high school, he worked harder to get a chance in the college. She was not groping to work hard anymore after getting into college because she wanted to enjoy are youthfulness the best way. Jenifer ensure that the writer who wrote her college common app essay included all the details the college wanted the applicants to include in the app essay.
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She wanted nothing left out incase the college would say that her college app essay was disqualified. Luckily, she got the chance and went to college. She looked for her own hostel and tried to get all the friends who fitted well in her lifestyle. Jenifer was ever a club girl but her glory was not lived after the college discovered that she missed classes often and was ever drunk. The college informed her parents and they were summoned to go pick their daughter from the college. The parents pleaded for their daughter to be given a second chance but their effort was futile. Jenifer had to go home with the parents.

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Quality Assurance in Nursing Practice

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The patient’s health care desires and utility needs form the benchmark for the ascertainment of the quality of nursing standards and performances adopted by a healthcare organization. Quality assurance is nursing care is thus defined from a patient’s perspective. It refers to a strategy adopted by a health care organization for the delivery of the best possible health care services to both internal and external customers to the institution. In addition, quality assurance extends beyond the implementation of health care systems to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of management and performances in health care organizations to implementation of the best employees’ performance culture (Cowan, Norman & Coopamah, 2005). Quality improvement in a nursing care thus encompasses both the commitment of managers to the delivery of the best possible health care services, the involvement of employees in the implementation of these effectiveness and efficacy performance procedures and the infrastructural improvement of a health organization to facilitate the managerial proposed organizational standards and performances. The health care customers define the best possible nursing care, which can be realized by an institution in number of the institution’s capacity to handle a specified volume of customers within a specified time, the timeliness of nursing care delivery and the effectiveness of the nursing care provided in solving/satisfying a customer’s health care problem or need.
Quality Control Methodologies
Measurement of the quality of nursing services provided by a health care institution can be done from either as a task analysis or quality control perspective. Task analysis based quality assurance begins with setting of quality assurance measurement objectives. This objective is realized through a continuous measurement of a health care institution employees’ performance against specified performance standards. The performance quality is benchmarked on authoritative quality standards stipulated for a health care institution together with the short-term goals of employees’ performance required for the realization of the institutions quality objectives. Quality assurance measurement of nursing care then involves the measurement of the weakness or strengths of a health care organization’s performance relative to the authoritative standards of an optimal quality performance of a health care institution together with the quality objectives set out by individual health care institutions (Kitson, Harvey & McCormack, 1998). A weakness rating of nursing care performance in a health care institution is followed by managerial interventions to correct the identified weakness to raise the performance to the standardized and objectivity levels. Notwithstanding the standard and objective commensuration of a strength rating of nursing care performance, the state doesn’t call for the relaxation of the management instead proposals are formulated to improve the successful and strong performance at the health care institution. In such a context, quality assurance measurement of a nursing care performance is deemed as a correctional and improvement objective health care procedural incentive. Subsequently, motivation of the nursing employees in successful and strong health care institutions is also encompassed within the quality assurance management of nursing care performances.
Determinants of Quality Assurance in Nursing Care
With the nursing care quality standards and objective benchmarked the customers’ satisfaction or complaint the awareness of the populace about their nursing care rights as envisaged in the constitution is paramount. In addition, the populace is required to be assertive in demanding these rights from nursing care institutions (Patidar, 2013). Petition and legal litigation against pervasive abuse and negligence of these rights by nursing care institutions also helps in the improvement of nursing care quality standards and objectives pursued by the institution’s management.
Resource allocation for nursing care services in terms of personnel, infrastructural and monetary resources determines the quality of nursing care feasible in a health care organization. Personnel training, skills and experience determine the industriousness of nursing staff in delivering quality nursing care. Equally, motivational issues of nursing staff, which goes beyond remuneration to encouragement and commendation gestures for their exemplary performance, inhibit their morale to perform diligently. The honesty or dishonesty of nursing staffs to professional and general code of ethics also determines the quality of nursing care in a health care institution, which is weighted in regard to the patients’ satisfaction or complaint. Besides the nursing care personnel, infrastructural and equipment resources allocated for nursing care determines the quality of nursing care deliverable by a health care institutions. In addition, government budgetary allocations to the health care department also determine the amount of money available for footing recurrent expenditure for payment of nursing care staff. This affects the nurses: population ratio, which determines the maximum capacity of nursing care quality threshold feasible by a specific health care institution.
Besides the government, nursing care personnel are also liable for infrastructural systems and equipments inefficiencies in health care institutions. This is attributed to their role in the maintenance of the nursing care infrastructural systems and equipments for their continued sustainable use in the administration and delivery of nursing care. Maintenance of nursing care infrastructural systems and equipments thus promotes the sustenance of quality standards of nursing care performances and keeps the quality objective of a health care institution on course.
Customers attending a health care institution also directly or indirectly interfere with the quality delivery of nursing care. This is attributed to unbecoming behavior of customers and other health institutions attendants, which include irrational, impulsive and uncouth behavior, which impinges the morale of the nursing care employees (Masters, 2013). Such behavior is attributed to sentimental or pathological state of the patients, which is either an impulsive reaction of the customer’s to laxity of the nursing care staff or an irrational customer’s temperament. This in turns affect the quality of nursing care delivered by a health care institution in terms of the number of customers administered to in a single day and the customer’s satisfaction or complaint for the nursing care performance at the institution.
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Procedurals for the Implementation of a Quality Assurance Program in Nursing Care
A quality assurance program is implemented incrementally or comprehensively in a single face. In both cases, intricate planning of the quality assurance program is made before its implementation. Quality assurance program is also implemented as an organizational change initiative, which involves an overhaul of both the staff’s performances and the organization infrastructural system, which influences particular performance capabilities.
Quality assurance program begins with the lobbying of nursing care organization leaders to buy in the idea of steering the performance of the organization towards target quality performance standards and objectives. Lobbying of nursing care organization leaders is facilitated through organization of seminars, populace awareness campaign and special meetings of organizational executives. A face to face appointment and interviews with nursing care organization leaders is also scheduled as a means of lobbying the adoption or commitment to a quality standard or objective initiative.
Before embarking on organizational leaders lobbying campaign, a preliminary inquiry is made in order to describe the quality status of an organization in terms of the current performances of its staff and the condition of its infrastructural systems. A baseline sturdy of an organization’s current performance competence and infrastructural condition, helps in the formulation of rational quality assurance standards and objectives.
A baseline sturdy of a nursing care organization performance is followed by the formulation of the vision and purposes of a quality assurance standard or objective. This also involves the formulation of stepwise efforts in terms of performances and infrastructural changes required to steer the organization to the prospectively formulated standards and objectives. A quality assurance program thus begins with the building a consensus with a nursing care organization management on the quality standards and objectives to be pursued/realized by the organization at a specified period of time and the level of quality performance to be attained (Patidar, 2013). The vision statement is then used to initiate a new performance culture and environment at the health care organization to improve the employees’ day to day performances to the level required for the realization of the quality standards and objectives formulated in the purpose statement of the quality assurance program.
A quality assurance program then proceeds with the establishment of an oversight management committee to oversee the implementation of the quality assurance program. A structure is also implemented to facilitate interoperable and seamless cooperation and coordination of a nursing care general management staff and the quality assurance program oversight management committee.
Resource allocation in terms of both technicians and finances is also sourced from outside sources to fund the quality assurance program (Masters, 2013). This is then followed by the formulation a plan for the operationalization of the quality assurance program in nature of who, what, when and how the program is to be implemented. A quality assurance program is concluded by the implementation of a critical management system and dissemination of experience for the performance and administration of the quality assurance program.

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Essay on career plan for a nurse practitioner

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