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Zulu primary mode of subsistence

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Compare and Contrast Multicultural Artworks

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Both paintings used in this study are of an abstract nature that has adopted the style used in the renaissance period of art. Both cultures offer different platforms with a key consideration on the materials used in both cultures. African culture had fewer colors than any other ancient cultural arts produced. As such replicating an art form from such a culture, bearing in mind that the time of choice was the renaissance period was around the 12th century, a similar form of material and color had to be used. For the Japanese culture, the paintings are rather different with a touch of varied colors being used in the paintings.
One similarity between both paintings is the 2D nature of the paintings. Both paintings lack perspective. The African painting is rather simple, taking after the shape of a terrace, and possibly the shape of a snail or such an animal. The painting has a western African inspiration. It is also organic. The paintings are all of an abstract nature and thus the essence of perspective in these paintings is uncalled for. Additionally, the similarity in these paintings is the fact that they are all developed as abstracts as opposed to realist or impressionist paintings, which are all inclusive of the common trends at the time in the different cultures.
However, these paintings represent different subjects that were common in the different culture. For instance, the items represented by the African culture paintings is a thread of frameworks which were used in developing houses made from mud and sticks at the period (Rovine 95). “African Art was made from perishable material from before the thirteenth century” (Preble, Frank & Preble 327). Additionally, people would assume that the painting represents the landscape of the area, indicating hills and valleys indirectly. The prowess used in developing such a painting is low, and practically anyone could develop such a painting. For the Japanese artwork, the common subjects are the hand-held fans used to cool one’s temperature. The renaissance period of the Japanese culture was characterized by the art of the samurai (Wenger 35). The hand-held fan was a common accessory at the time. This abstract has entirely used hand-held fans to represent the culture of the Japanese people at the time. The subjects used in these paintings are overly different.
For the materials used, the African painting encompassed the use of locally available paintings, which for the replica I made was the use of watercolor in the place of mud, which was widely used back then. The replica I made uses watercolor on the computer paint application, which back then could have encompassed the use of mud on wood or cloth (Rovine 94). This thus prompted the use of colors that are earth-like, such as light brown, deep brown, black and the blue color to represent coral, which was used as a chalk back then. This assisted in the achievement of a monochrome painting. Different materials were present in different places at the time. Japan for instance used canvas in the place of wood and more advanced oil paint. As such, when developing this painting I used the oil paint application on the painting software, which indicates the similarity between such a painting and the paintings developed by the Japanese people back then.
Another comparison for the paintings is the use of different colors. For instance, the African painting has encompassed the use of warm colors more than it has cool colors. Earth-like colors such as light brown are warm colors, as well as the light-blue color used in the creating a spiral shape on the painting. The spiral aspect of the painting indicates movement in the painting, which is a captivating aspect of the paint. Black is also a prominent color I used in the painting, for showing the frame of the painting, as well as within the painting. For the Japanese style painting, cool colors dominate the art, visible from the maroon, purple, jungle green and other similar colors. There are few warm colors used, which bring out the bright parts of the painting. Symmetry in the Japanese art is evident as compared to the view seen from the African art.
The styles used in paintings were also different.
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For the African cultural painting, the background color, light brown, a brush with extremely light brush strokes was used. For the rest of the art forms represented on the painting, thick blunt brushes, from the application were used to achieve it. For the Japanese painting, brushes with noticeable strokes were used. This thus explains the texture presented by both paintings. Due to the use of thick brush strokes in the development of the lines on the African culture style painting, the texture is alternative in-between the lines, giving a smooth then a rough texture repetitively throughout the painting. For the Japanese painting, the texture presented is smooth all through.
The final aspect used in the comparison of these paintings is the aspect of lines. Lines have been extensively used in the African painting. The lines have been used all over the painting, as they are the only components in art comprising the painting. From the vertical to diagonal lines, the aspect of line-use in this painting is undeniably high. For the Japanese painting however, the outcome is rather different. However, all the lines used and developed were all done by the freehand. Fewer aspects of line are evident from the painting. Lines have been barely used, but rather the painting has focused on the use of different shapes all along. Triangular shapes achieved through hand-held fans which have been used repetitively, are the key components of this painting as seen from the outcome presented. “The strong asymmetrical design, emphasis on repeated patterns and relatively flat spatial quality are often used in Japanese painting from sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries” (Preble, Frank & Preble 315). In terms of space use, the Japanese artwork has used all the space, whereas the African artwork has some space towards the edges unoccupied.
These two paintings might have been developed in the same time, basing the artistic nature on historical styles used in both cultures, but has extremely different outlooks. The nature of the paintings is different, the style is different, the materials and the techniques used are also varied. Both paintings were developed out of pure purpose.

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