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College common app

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Jenifer thought colleges were the best places to meet all sorts of friends. Her interest to join college was not to benefit academically but to meet all the handsome people and girls who loved to enjoy life. In high school, she could see girls go to clubs with their boyfriends and other girlfriends. The college girls seemed to be living their lives to the fullest. Every friendly the college girls were picked from their hostels, driven to town to party by smart sport cars. Jenifer envied this life and shed had to live it in college. She wanted her parents to take her to college soon after getting her high school results. In high school, he worked harder to get a chance in the college. She was not groping to work hard anymore after getting into college because she wanted to enjoy are youthfulness the best way. Jenifer ensure that the writer who wrote her college common app essay included all the details the college wanted the applicants to include in the app essay.
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She wanted nothing left out incase the college would say that her college app essay was disqualified. Luckily, she got the chance and went to college. She looked for her own hostel and tried to get all the friends who fitted well in her lifestyle. Jenifer was ever a club girl but her glory was not lived after the college discovered that she missed classes often and was ever drunk. The college informed her parents and they were summoned to go pick their daughter from the college. The parents pleaded for their daughter to be given a second chance but their effort was futile. Jenifer had to go home with the parents.

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