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Development of post-conflict areas

Posted by admin on October 10, 2017 in Society with No Comments

The idea of a sustainable development is ambitious for many developed countries, and when we talk of a post-war region, it rather goes about any development at all. Reinstalling the basic infrastructure, reviving social institutions, or making people’s life possible in the area. The military conflict turns local population into immigrants and refugees who one day have to search for a better place to live. But many of them still hope to come back to their homes and live as they used to before the war. For this reason, the restoration of post-conflict areas is important. People seek the chance to get back and develop their land into a dream place.
Prolonged wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somali, and Sudan have shown what a post-war area looks like. Transportation, infrastructure, housing, basic social services fully destroyed in some areas. Many people displaced or evacuated though some civilians remained in their half-destroyed houses. Despite the total destruction, the main threat to post-conflict areas is a relapse. Imagine people who are about to renew their infrastructure facing the aggressors strikes again. Even in the conditions of a relative peace, governments cannot give guarantees of safety.
When it comes to facilitating the development of post-conflict areas, governments shall start with restoring their basic infrastructure and transportation system. To get back to their homes, people need the contact with the outer world to integrate into it. To address the needs of the population, schools, hospitals, and governmental institutions shall function in full. The revival would not happen overnight, but organizations and volunteers working in the region would see more people returning to their place with every month.

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